Save Money Making Mobile Calls
Make N7500 Worth Of Calls For Just N1,000

100% Legitimate and Legal .

Are you a business person that makes a lot of calls and you want a way to cut down of the cost of those calls?
Will you like to spend N1,000 Only and have 7,500 of airtime to  call your friends and loved ones on any network nationwide ?  has a scheme open to select few of our customers that are using MTN to cut drastically the cost of their telephone calls .

Please be assured that It’s a perfect legal method that does not involve anything shady as I will explain to you as you read along and it takes less just 3 process of less than 5 minutes each

There is a legitimate simple trick you can use to make like N7500 worth of calls with just N1500.

I need to you read carefully to understand how it works

Just migrate to MTN BetterTalk  and load 1000 naira airtime. You will be given N2500 bonus airtime

Use that bonus airtime to call or browse and after you have exhausted the bonus . Migrate to another mtn plan such as mtn plus and convert your 1000 naira to cash . ( we pay you 60% of your airtime  as cash to your bank account)

What has simply happened is that you used N400 ( the amount you gave us) to get N2500 of airtime from mtn

This plan works better if you keep accumulating your airtime.

This works this way after you load your 1000 airtime and your get 2500. When your bonus is almost finishing .  Instead of migrating or using your main airtime.  Simply buy another 1000 airtime. and you get another 2500 added to your bonus and now additional 1000 naira added to your 1000 main airtime. (making  N2000)

If you load a total of 2500 you will get to use N7500 worth of Airtime.

You exchange that N2500 airtime with us for N1500 ( @ 60%)  .

That means you made N7500 worth of calls for just N1000 (N2500-N1500)

If you decide to sell the 2000 to us you will N1200 back. This means that you spent N800 to make N5000 calls.
You can accumulate as much as you like and when u need your cash migrate and exchange your airtime with us for cash.  After you have converter your airtime to cash with simply migrate back to MTN beta talk and start all over again

We offer this service only to customers of Affordable  Data Plans

We use the purchased airtime to buy data in bulk from the network providers and in turn sell to our customers at cheaper prices and hence create a win-win situation . You get to make calls for less and our customers get Internet Bundles for less.